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Why choose DISC Empower TM ?

How does DISC Empower TM compare with other DISC reports?

All DISC / DiSC type reports use the same approach. The user sets up a log in, completes a short questionnaire (which gives them groups of questions, and each group has options which the user has to choose from). Once the questionnaire is completed, the software goes into the profile database, and produces a report that gives an overview of features of that type of profile. You can learn more of the technical side of this process, in the article below.

The DISC Empower TM database was written in Australia, by a group of business advisors and coaching professionals. The chosen approach and language is very flowing and natural, to make it conversational. A focus was placed on Emotional Intelligence and career development, rather than a clinical summary of the person's profile. In other words, rather than just telling you what you like, the DISC Empower TM reports help you better understand yourself, and how you can flex your style, to get the best our of your relationships and career.

Why does DISC Empower TM use animal mascots?

The use of mascots for the four primary profile / behavioural styles helps reinforce the learnings of the system. We also recognise that research has shown that the majority of people are Visual Learners, meaning that we better retain information when we can see something that helps us memorise the lesson. Some DISC systems use a series of letters to identify the styles (DISC Empower TM has this, but it is included in the report for reference, and is not key in understanding your report), such as Di, Sc, etc. The most common Myers Briggs profile types are IFSJ, followed by ESFJ and ISTJ. Can you imagine being in a recruiting or sales meeting, where the candidate or prospect is being discussed in these terms?

Whilst we believe that almost ALL DISC type assessments would bring some value to your business and career, a system that is easy to understand, and easy to discuss with others, is of more value, that one that requires a qualified consultant to help you even understand the report. Why is the DISC Empower TM report so well priced?

We have set the price of the full report, where it is accessible to the majority of people on the developed world. It is a very well-priced 36-page report, that is guaranteed to give you insights for your career and relationship building. Although the system costed a huge amount to build initially, we have kept maintenance costs reasonable, to ensure that we can continue to provide the best, easy-readng coaching report for you, your team, and your candidates. We have also funded the free version, so no one needs to be left out.

How does DISC EmpowerTM behavioural profiling work?

How does DISC EmpowerTM Profiling work?

DISC behavioural profiling helps identify how a person behaves by identifying their primary behaviour style (often referred to as their "personality profile"):

  • D = Dominance,
  • I = Influence,
  • S = Steadiness and
  • C = Compliance

Why are these styles important?

By further studying the results, we can learn more about how a person behaves at work, how they like to communicate, how they operate under stress, and what motivates them.

  • D = Dominance — How a person responds to problems and challenges.
  • I = Influence — How a person influences other people to his or her point of view.
  • S = Steadiness — How a person responds to the pace of the environment.
  • C = Compliance — How a person responds to rules and policies set by others.

You can watch a video about workplace behaviour styles. Click here to play video

Here is the behavioural profiling process:


The person completes an online assessment, selecting from groups of statements which one is the best description of them, and which statement is least like them.


We analyse their selections using the DISC EmpowerTM profiling software. This grades the person in two main behavioural areas:

  • A) Introversion vs. Extraversion
  • B) Results focus vs. People focus

Everyone is somewhere along these two axes… below is a sample for “Fred”:

Introversion vs. Extraversion

Results focus vs. People focus

We then transfer these results onto a grid:

By overlaying the famous DISC EmpowerTM grid, we can see that Fred’s primary behaviour style is a “D” (ie “Dominant”):

Should DISC EmpowerTM be the sole decider for recruitment, role allocation, etc?

No; DISC EmpowerTM is profiling behaviour. This is how the person behaves in the four key areas in the workplace, being:

  • How they deal with PROBLEMS
  • How they deal with other PEOPLE
  • The PACE that they work at
  • Their compliance with POLICY and rules
  • Other factors that would come into play would include:

  • Intelligence (IQ) – your ability to think and reason
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – “Your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them,” says Howard Gardner, the influential Harvard theorist.
  • Physical ability – can you physically do the tasks required of the role?

If you have any questions about evaluating your team, or recruiting the right people for positions in your company, please contact the team at DISC EmpowerTM today!

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