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  • What does a DISC EmpowerTM report include?

    Click here to find out what is included in your DISC EmpowerTM report:

Client Feedback

Very interesting and quite revealing….(Harvey D)

Thanks; very interesting! (Scott M)

The profile report is very interesting ….and rather accurate I would say! Amazing what they can decipher from 20 multiple choice questions…(Jason M)

We have done a little of profiling in the past and we think this is most accurate yet.(Mark M)

“Thanks for the Empower report! It has helped me to improve my communication, which has really helped me in my career.”(Steve K)

“Our whole team has now done the Empower assessments. Team work, harmony and overall results have greatly improved! We wish we knew about you years ago!”(Graeme M)

Fantastic! I have never had such deep insights into the way my team like to communicate, and why they behave in various situations like they do. My coach taught me to treat each person how THEY like to be treated, rather than me just treating them how I like to be treated. Our revenue is up, morale is up, culture is way better, it's fun to come to work, and our revenue and profits are continuing to climb! Thank you, DISC Empower.(Tony J)

Saved my career! I was clashing with my manager, and now we get on very well. We understand how each other tick.(Jane K)

Thanks for the report. Very helpful and surprisingly accurate!(Jadon F)

Thank you! We have now done all our staff and management. We learnt a lot about ourselves and each other, and had some fun along the way. Our coach uses DISC empower for all his clients. We now also use it when recruiting.(Albert J)

I reckon you are my personal coach! Your advice has helped me be a better business person.(Ben H)