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Terms of Use

In agreeing to access any DISC EmpowerTM items, including but not limited to the website, supporting websites (such as Wordpress, You-Tube, Google+, Twitter, etc), you will not download material for use other than the authorised permitted use outlined in this document.

You are free to use the website and the DISC reports for your own personal development, plus that of your staff. We would be delighted if you would feel free to share the link to our website to your friends and family!

Business coaches, trainers and other business professionals may refer their clients to the website, to have them complete the assessment, and learn how to improve their communication and work style.

Only accredited DISC EmpowerTM advisors can run DISC EmpowerTM workshops or consult based on the interpretation of the DISC EmpowerTM unique reporting system. If you would like to enquire as to becoming an accredited DISC Empower TM advisor, Please contact us via email:web-enquiry@disc-empower.com

Privacy and Data Protection

DISC EmpowerTM will only collect your personal information in view of providing you the agreed service of behaviour profiling and related services, such as team building activities.

Your personal information is protected through SSL level website security.

If you have registered for DISC EmpowerTM as part of your employer’s staff development program, your DISC reporting may be accessible by your manager, your employer.

If you or your employer are using an accredited DISC EmpowerTM trainer, advisor or business coach, they will also be able to access your DISC reports.

Your personal information will never be passed on to third parties without your permission. We will never rent or sell your information to other people.

If you need to edit your personal information, you can do part of it online via this link: https://disc-empower.com/my_details.php You will note that certain fields are locked, having the (🔒) symbol next to the field. This is to maintain data integrity. If you have an error in one of these fields, please contact us via web-enquiry@disc-empower.com, along with your requested edits.


All material on the DISC EmpowerTM websites and reports, including DISC reports, marketing material, videos, audio files, etc, are the exclusive copyright © of DISC EmpowerTM Australia.

Under no circumstances can you download or reproduce this material, nor reverse engineer the unique assessment tool. This would include, but not be limited to, your own financial gain, for the information of others, etc.

DISC EmpowerTM will not hesitate to pursue any breach of copyright through the Courts. Damages could include injunctions on use, damages, accounts of profits, etc. Refer to the Copyright Act 1968, sections ss115-116 for further details.


This document is current as at 17 August 2015, and may be updated from time-to-time as the need arises. At any time your continuing use of the DISC EmpowerTM website, training materials, reports, etc, is subject to the version of this document that is current at that time.

Whilst behavioural profiling (such as the globally recognised and respected DISC system that the unique DISC EmpowerTM assessment and reports are based on) has proven to be an excellent tool for individuals to use for their own personal development, and for teams and managers use to develop the dynamics and results of their team(s), these reports are also often used for career development and recruiting.

You need to be aware that behavioural style is only one component of an individual’s suitability to any role. You also need to consider other factors such as Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Mental Agility and Intelligence (IQ), job skills, culture, values, training, experience, etc, also play vital parts.

DISC EmpowerTM in no way accept any responsibility or liability for the suitability of candidates recruited where a DISC EmpowerTM report was used as part of the decision making process, or for candidates that failed in either job applications or role placements. Nor does DISC EmpowerTM make any guarantee on the accuracy of the information provided, and take no responsibility for any actual or perceived consequences or damages, whether caused by the use of our information and/or reporting, or not.

Full responsibility for recruiting and career development rests with those with this responsibility within the business or department.

If you have any questions as to DISC EmpowerTM or on our Terms of Use, please do not hesitate to contact us via web-enquiry@disc-empower.com